A Conversation with Nina Page: Debunking Virtual Reality Myths

Established in 1955, the LA 3D Club meets with creatives in the cinematic industry to discuss the art and science of stereoscopic works. Members of this niche community share their latest content, discuss trends and come to gather knowledge.

Our very own Nina Page was selected along with two other panelists as a “Lady of VR” to represent and talk about all things virtual reality on a panel hosted by Radiant Images.  There she helped to dispel many of the myths and confusion surrounding the medium of virtual reality. The panel covered various topics such as post-production, the future of VR, current VR head mounted displays (HMDs) and 360 video content creation.

Watch the the full panel below and let us know your thoughts!

One interesting topic Nina delves into is being a part of Woman in VR. She explains why it is so important to be part of such a group. There you can utilize the network to bounce ideas off of one another, find services and gather information on the industry.

Shooting 360 video was another key topic on the panel. Nina walked the audience through the basic concepts of shooting with multi camera rigs such as the Pro10HD and discussed frame overlap, image parallax and 2D vs 3D capture tools.

If you are interested in attending a meeting, the LA 3D club gathers on every 3rd Thursday of the month in Pasadena, CA at 7:30PM