VRLA School

360Heros to Teach VRLA School 360 Video Workshop

vrla school-01Los Angeles, CA – We’re excited to announce we will be partnering with VRLA to teach the newly-formed VRLA School‘s inaugural workshop on VR filmmaking. The Virtual Reality Foundation has launched VRLA School as a monthly series of educational workshops and speaker sessions focused on VR and AR.

The Become a VR Filmmaker workshop will take place on February 27th at the Village Workspaces – 11845 W. OLYMPIC BLVD. SUITE 1100W LOS ANGELES, CA 90064 – and will cover end-to-end VR 360 video content creation. Led by 360Heros CEO Michael Kintner and the 360Heros production team, the workshop’s three main components will consist of shooting techniques for 360 video, media management and stitching.

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Intro to 360 video

Teaching VRThe workshop will begin with an introduction to 360 video and a high level overview of the medium. This opening keynote will cover the basic components and processes involved in producing 360 video content and a discussion about the evolution of live action (filmed) VR.


Matt VR teachingShooting VR content is the first major component that the course will cover. Attendees will learn about different camera mounting options (static camera, tripod, and monopod) and experiment with subject movement from a near, mid & far point from the camera system. This will allow for experience with handling, setting up, and maneuvering the rigs. Students will learn subject-to-distance limitations, threshold for camera movement, and potential parallax problems inherent to 360 live action videography.

Media Management

360CamMan LogoThe media management component of the course will highlight the challenges that 360 video filmmakers face in working with a large volume of files. Students will learn how to import, analyze and duplicate data using 360CamMan media management software. 360Heros team members will demonstrate how the software imports files, formats micro SD cards, organizes video takes and analyzes video files to determine the to anticipate stitching problems.


The final section of the workshop will tackle the stitching process. We will cover the various stitching software options currently available to content creators, calibrating footage captured with multiple cameras, creating an initial “quick stitch” and techniques for creating a high-quality fine stitch. The stitching session will walk attendees through the entire end-to-end process for outputting a stitched 360 video.

With 360 video content creation becoming a highly sought after skill our team is constantly striving to educate content creators and grow the VR filmmaking community. We’re thrilled to be partnering with VRLA for this great opportunity to do just that and we hope to see you in LA on the 27th!