360Heros Booth 26417 at CES

360Heros debuts Bullet360 control system at CES

We’ve got exciting news – we’ve debuted our Bullet360 control board system for interlocking multiple GoPro™ cameras in 360Heros VR rigs at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show.

This new technology integrates to our entire product line and gives users simultaneous control over the cameras to improve 360 video workflow.

The Bullet360 technology is on display at our 360RV tour bus at CES Booth 26417.


360Heros team member Jami Todd with Oculus Rift creator Palmer Luckey.
360Heros team member Jami Todd with Oculus Rift creator Palmer Luckey.

We’ve been having a fantastic time at CES, showing off the latest in 360 and Virtual Reality video gear, chatting with hundreds of prosumers and literally rubbing elbows with some of the biggest names in VR – including Palmer Luckey, creator of the Oculus Rift!

Our CEO and founder, Michael Kintner, was part of a panel Wednesday morning, VR/AR Think Tank: The Next Generation, discussing the technologies and impacts of VR and Augmented Reality now and for the future.

“We create tech with an affordable price point to make accessible to the prosumer.” – Michael Kintner, VR/AR Think Tank

We’ve been overwhelmed by the positive responses we’ve received here at CES, and having the opportunity to introduce our new Bullet360 system and 360Abyss v4 here has been the icing on the cake!

The new Bullet360 system

Our new Bullet360 control board system enables users to simultaneously operate multiple GoPro™ cameras by plugging them into an internal wired interface. The system is triggered via a simple remote and features controls for turning cameras on and off and firing the camera shutter buttons simultaneously for both video and photos.

The 360Abyss v4 features Bullet360 control board technology to simultaneously operate GoPro™  cameras underwater.

The system debuted with 360Heros’ recent release of the 360Abyss v4 , an electronic underwater dive housing for filming spherical video. The 360Abyss features the same Bullet360 control board system and is triggered magnetically for full multi-camera control underwater.

This technology will now be incorporated into 360Heros’ new modular Pro6, Pro7 and Pro10 products as well as the soon to be released Pro16 stereoscopic VR rig. The Bullet360 system integrates into 360Heros 8K and 12K 360 video camera systems and is compatible with 360CamMan™ media management software to optimize high resolution workflow.

“We are listening to our content creators and always seeking to improve upon our premier solutions for VR filming,” Michael Kintner, CEO and founder of 360Heros, said.

“The Bullet360 technology solves many of the challenges VR content creators face when working with multi-camera rigs such as conserving battery supply and triggering cameras simultaneously for video and audio sync.”

The Bullet360 control board system includes dedicated input, output and USB ports for multi-camera configurations that can control up to 50 or more cameras simultaneously.

The system features an on-board buzzer set to go off three seconds into recording to provide a clap sync signal to aid in audio and video sync for multiple cameras.

This low power communication board system is compatible with GoPro™ HERO3+ Black, HERO4 Black and HERO4 Silver cameras.

This technology will also be incorporated into future products for filming 3D 360 video underwater and integrated with with new products that utilize existing professional grade cameras later in 2016.

Bullet360 Features:

  • Bullet360 electronic boards connect to multiple GoPro™ cameras for simultaneous camera control
  • Remote trigger for turning cameras on/off and firing camera shutters simultaneously
  • Controllable audio sync buzzer to aid in frame sync in post production
  • Can be used to control 50 or more cameras simultaneously
  • Integrated into 6, 7 and 10 360Heros rigs for filming VR content
  • Integrated into 360Heros 360Abyss v4 for underwater spherical video multi-camera control
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