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See 360Heros at the VRLA Spring Expo!

360Heros is attending VRLA, a show dedicated to VR content creators.
360Heros is sponsoring VRLA, a show dedicated to celebrating VR content creation.

As the VR 360 Video Tech Tour rolls on, the next stop for the 360Heros team is VRLA! An event dedicated to celebrating virtual reality content creation, VRLA brings together VR fans, producers, developers and tech companies from across the country.

With the event taking place on March 22nd at the J.W. Marriott Hotel, LA Live, 360Heros will be exhibiting the latest in VR workflow innovation, our full array of patent pending 2D and 3D 360 video hardware, our new 360CamMan™ V2 media management software and VR education initiatives.

“Open Source VR”

Included in these festivities will be a presentation from CEO Michael Kintner on his goals and approach to empowering and supporting VR content creators. Titled “Open Source VR: Empowering VR Producers through Education, Workflow Innovation and Support“, the presentation will feature the debut of the newest version of our 360CamMan™ VR workflow software, a demo of our multi-platform 4K 360 video player and a discussion of our CDN (content delivery network) and syndication services. This talk will offer attendees a complete overview of the VR production workflow and highlight our efforts to support the growing VR community.

360CamMan™ Version 2

In terms of 360CamMan™ V2, VRLA will mark its debut for Windows and the introduction of Mac OS compatibility. Version 2 of 360CamMan™ introduces key time saving components to the VR 360 media management workflow for both 2D and 3D spherical video files. These new features enable both OSX and Windows environments to support automated multi-card file transfer, instant camera setup feedback and take folder and file management. Version 2 also features advanced video file analysis, file merging and file folder organization.

Not only is the new 360CamMan™ compatible with 360Heros entire line of Plug-n-Play™ Holders, it now features support for many other multi-camera capture arrays. Another exciting new feature is the automation of 360 photo batch processing to enable timelapse videos and to prep pano files for Google Street View.

H3Pro6 Giveaway


VRLA attendees will have the opportunity to enter a drawing to win a free H3Pro6 Plug-N-Play™ Holder with the winner to be announced during the presentation.  A special VRLA discount code will also be in effect for the VRLA community starting on March 20th (see VRLA email announcement for details) good for a 15% discount on 360° video gear via the 360Heros shopping center. While a majority of our VR demos will take place within the venue, attendees will have the chance to check out the 360RV as it will be featured outside the venue.

360Heros at VRLA

  • CEO Michael Kintner presents on his goals and approach to empowering VR content creators.
  • H3Pro6 Plug-N-Play Holder™ giveaway.
  • Debut of the new 360CamMan™ for Mac and Windows operating systems.
  • New VR content demos (Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard)
  • Special VRLA 360 video gear giveaway.
  • VRLA attendee promo code.

360Heros is proud to be participating as a Gold sponsor for the VRLA Spring Expo! We’d like to issue a special thank you to the VRLA team for having us and we can’t wait to see everyone on March 22nd!