Fox News Show America’s Newsroom Features 360Heros!

America’s Newsroom (Fox News) aired a special segment featuring 360Heros and Andy Casagrande IV on Friday, September 5th! The show focused on our infamous shark attack video and included an interview with Casagrande discussing this viral mishap!

Joining as a special guest, Casagrande fielded questions about the video and discussed his experiences in operating 360Heros scuba gear during the incident. He explained the events that unfolded, including his efforts to try and recover the scuba gear before it sunk to the ocean floor.

Casagrande went on to express his dismay at missing out on capturing what would have been some fantastic 360 degree shark footage “I got the shot, but ultimately the shark got the shot because no one’s ever going to see it”. Despite the fact that this footage is unlikely to be recovered, the video that his crew did manage to capture is incredible in its own right.

Interest in this video from FOX followed a front page article from the Daily Mail. The article included interviews from the 360Heros team and Casagrande as well as a full recap of the incident. Thanks to these news outlets, a global audience has been able to discover our video and see the amazing shark close-up for themselves!

360Heros would like to thank Fox News for featuring our video and we hope everyone who watched the show enjoyed the story!