Michael Kintner’s Interview with Steve Waskul & Intel

waskultv interview 4
waskultv interview 4

While attending the 2014 NAB Show in Las Vegas, 360Heros CEO and founder Michael Kintner had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Waskul.TV‘s Steve Waskul and Intel’s Wes Shimanek. The interview focused on the experiences Mike and Wes had at their StudioXperience booth as well as 360Hero‘s products and developing workflows.

WASKULTV 360HEROS INTERVIEWAs you can see in the video, Mike was interviewed alongside Intel’s Wes Shimanek. Mike and Wes fielded questions about their booth and discussed what it was like introducing people to 360 video technology. Wes expressed the appreciation Intel had for working with 360Heros and the opportunity to showcase our unique technology.WaskulTV Logo

One of the elements that caught the most attention at the Intel and 360Heros booth was the Oculus Rift, which Mike used to show booth visitors 360 video and 3D 360 video. West stated that the most common response from visitors when viewing video through this medium was an extended “wow!”

itel logo
“Intel loves working with people like 360Heros.” – Intel’s Wes Shimanek

After talking about the the booth’s reception, Steve inquired about the technical aspects of shooting and producing spherical video and pushing content through the necessary workflows. Mike explained this process from managing the initial files via our 360 CamMan software, to stitching the content with Kolor and VideoStitch.

From there the discussion shifted toward 360Heros’ operations and products. For Mike, speaking with Steve was a chance to explain his business models and the specialized products and services they offer. The first and most well known of these business models is the research, design and manufacturing of 360Heros Plug-n-Play Holders. These are the physical products people can purchase on the website and the inventions Mike’s business is known for.

NAB 2014: Studio Experience Booth
NAB 2014: Studio Experience Booth

These products have led to the development of additional business models such as on-sight 360 video production, equipment rental and developing mobile apps for playing 360 video. All of these models allow 360Heros to offer people a spherical video solution regardless of their specific needs or the current progress of their project.

This interview and the 2014 NAB Show as a whole served as opportunities for Mike and 360Heros to share our exciting technology with the world. 360Heros would like to thank Intel for including us in their StudioXperience booth and WaskulTV for featuring us in their interview series.

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