How does the 360 Heros Video Rig Work?

How does 360heros 360 video gear work blog
How does 360heros 360 video gear work blog

Its all about Plug-n-Play of your Hero2 and/or Hero3 GoPro™ Cameras.  The patent pending 360Heros video and photo gear holder is designed rough and tough to handle those extreme sports both indoors and outdoors.  So why choose us?  Its all about convenience in having the ability to use these powerful little cameras any way you like!  When you want to shoot 360 Video or even 360 panorama’s you set the resolution mode, plug in your GoPro™ equipment, turn on the wireless and you are ready to start shooting high quality full spherical 360 by 180 video and/or photos.  And then when your done shooting 360 video you unplug your GoPro™(s), and use the cameras any way you like!  The best of both worlds!  Now if you are using the new GoPro™ Hero3 models White, Silver or Black Models here are your options to choose from.

GoPro™ Hero3 White – Basic Consumer model that will provide resolutions up to 3000 x 1500 for video or one shot photo panoramas.

GoPro™ Hero3 Silver – Middle of the road consumer model equivalent to the Hero2 (with updated new firmware) will provide 4000 x 2000 for video and photo resolution. Recommend 960 resolution at 30 fps when shooting.

GoPro™ Hero3 Black – Top of the line professional model will provide 6000 x 3000 or higher for video and photo resolution.  This has made some huge improvements in low light conditions.  See the Santa Claus Lane Parade which shows the quality in low light conditions.  Recommend 1440 at 48 fps.

All three models use the wireless solution.  Just make sure you update your firmware for all your models including the wireless remote.

Now wait!  Don’t forget we also support the Hero and Hero2 models as well.  However I would highly recommend the Hero2 of the two and make sure you do a firmware update to bring it current.  Especially using the ProTune which allows shooting video in RAW format which is a huge improvement in image quality and control.  Video Sync can be solved via multiple solutions using software imaging tools and/or hardware and sound sync.

Now the best of everything is using the GoPro Hero3 models which is getting better and better every firmware update and are now within a frame or two when turning on via wireless.  Awesome!  Then from here its the video stitching software.

In April the 360Heros Video rig will be going on sale with a complete bundle of solutions.

Remember 360Heros is all around you in training adn supportin you to be a 360 hero to you clients.  We will guide you and present Tips and Tricks on the best methods to taking 360 video and photos.  We’ll show you the best methods in shooting using your GoPro cameras in our 360 Plug-n-Play Video and Photo gear.  Then we will guide you through via our training seminars to show you all the different 360 video stitchers, post processing techniques, web players and mobile apps.

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