Jerry Cummins from J&D Scuba in Belize
One Video Slice from the 360 Heros 360 Video taken in Belize

Navigate the 360 Underwater Panoramic Photo and 360 Underwater Video in Belize using the 360 Heros Scuba Edition. Happy Scuba Diving!!!

360 Video Underwater in Belize – “It was an amazing trip!”, says Jerry Cummins of J&D Scuba. “I like to pick unique dive locations for my dive trips and this was not only the first time for this location but an honor to be part of 360 Video underwater history. Michael KJ&D_Scuba_Logo2intner, the CEO/Founder of 360Heros was one of my scuba diving students; and when Mr. Kintner asked if I would be interested in testing some new equipment, I was excited. We spent about an hour the day before I left, reviewing and was demonstrated the in’s and out’s of the 360 Heros Scuba Edition as well as using the GoPro Hero 3 Black cameras. Between learning the new cameras and the 360 Heros unit, I was amazed at how simple it was to use. I a was little nervous because I really wanted to help Mike with his new invention, which along with being part of the first real 360 video scuba diving test. I couldn’t believe how small and simple it was to operate! I just want to thank Mike for letting me be part of this amazing new system.”

SRP_Simplified-Vector-LogoThe 360 Heros 360 Scuba Edition is a patent pending project developed in partnership with Snake River Prototyping and will be released for production some time later in the second quarter of 2013. Some of the neat features of the 360 Heros Scuba Video gear is it will be rated to 120 feet deep with snap on/off interchangeable color correcting filters.

Here is a STEP-BY-STEP video below on how the 360 Heros player operates, you can click this link or click to watch the video below the 360 Video Player. The don’t forget to help us grow and share this experience with your Facebook fans. Also be patient because the video is 170 megs in size it may take a little bit to download/stream to your computer so hang in there, its worth the wait and happy diving!

The real exciting part about this whole project is, this is where it all started for me, (Michael Kintner) the founder of 360Heros. Several years ago I was scuba diving in Cozumel, Mexico and missed the amazing shark and sting ray behind me. From that point forward I wanted to build a device to know whats all around me.


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