Reel FX Shoots Shinola’s Stereoscopic 360 Video Tour ft. Luke Wilson

Reel FX shooting with 360RIZE gear on set at the Shinola factory.

The latest from the VR team at Reel FX takes viewers on a 360-degree tour of Shinola‘s factory in Detroit, Michigan. Led by Luke Wilson, the tour offers an immersive perspective of the classic watch and bicycle manufacturer’s facility captured with 3D 360 video camera systems from 360RIZE and Nokia. Click below to view the tour: Covered… Continue reading Reel FX Shoots Shinola’s Stereoscopic 360 Video Tour ft. Luke Wilson

The New 3DPRO- 2D & 3D 360 Video


The 3DPro is a 3-in-1 stereoscopic 360 video rig that presents itself as perhaps our most versatile product to date. It offers filmmakers the capability to shoot fully spherical stereoscopic footage, blended monoscopic and stereoscopic footage as well as high resolution monoscopic footage all with the same modular rig. Full 360 x 180 Degree Stereoscopic 360… Continue reading The New 3DPRO- 2D & 3D 360 Video

Product Details for 3DPRO

3DPRO 360 video gear

The 3DPRO is a 3-in-1 stereoscopic, monoscopic and blended monoscopic/stereoscopic 360 video rig. Its modular design allows users to alternate between 14-camera and 12-camera configurations for filming footage with different levels of stereoscopic depth and resolution. 3DPRO in the Field The 3DPRO is used by filmmakers across the world to film high resolution, professional grade stereoscopic 360… Continue reading Product Details for 3DPRO