Product Comparision Guide

360 video rig matrix

360Heros patent pending 360 Plug-n-Player Holders covers a whole series of GoPro array solutions to accommodate every type of 360 Video and/or one click 360 Panoramic Photos.  The high strength flexible nylon solution is a one piece patent pending product to allow the user in a matters of seconds to Plug-n-Play the GoPro Hero2 or… Continue reading Product Comparision Guide

Chris Milk and BECK 360 Video Experience


WINNER OF MULTIPLE 2013 WEBBY AWARDS!!!! Fox Studios, Hollywood – Experience 360 Degree Interactive Video in a music video with BECK and directed by Chris Milk. Inventor Michael Kintner takes Multiple 360 Heros 360 Video cameras to Fox Studios Stage 14 in Hollywood to film the first time ever in music history the ability to… Continue reading Chris Milk and BECK 360 Video Experience